Today, "Instalbud" provides its services in Lviv region. However, having the necessary developments and contacts in Ternopil, Donetsk, Luhansk and other cities, the company aims to work throughout Ukraine. "Instalbud" uses its own modern equipment of foreign manufacture: welding machines of Polish companies "KAMITECH" and "NOVOTECH", German powerful excavator "EDER" to perform excavation works. In the near future the company plans to buy two more such excavators, because the volumes of the orders from customers encourage increasing the production capacity and staffs. "Instalbud" adopts and improves the experience of foreign and domestic companies, industry veterans. In a relatively short time on the market the company has acquired its own innovative know-how.

All the works which are performed by "Instalbud" are standardized by state building codes and standards of operations on pipelines. Also, works are carried out in accordance with circulars received by the operating organization, administrations of gas and water facilities. The company has all necessary permits and certificates: certificates on pipes and formed parts, certificates of laboratory testing of welded joints and more. During the work the technical supervision is carried out by the operating organizations and the authorial supervision by the designers.

For a little more than a year of the work the following projects were successfully implemented: the construction of water intake Stryisky (c. Striy, the length - 2800m, the installation of pipes of the diameter of 280 mm, the deadline - two months); of the pressure water supply Voyutytskyi distillery (v. Voyutychi, the length - 1800 m., the installation of pipes of the diameter of 160 mm, the deadline – a half-year); of the pressure water supply in the c. Horodok (the length - 2500m, the installation of pipes of the diameter of 315 mm, the deadline – a half-month). Currently "Instalbud" with two partner firms is engaged in the construction of water supply and sanitation for the new neighbourhood "New world" in the city of Stryi. The company performs earthworks (pits and trenches) for water and sanitation, welds and puts pipes, leads water pipes directly into plots for construction of future buildings. This technique of the work complies with European practices, firstly engineering networks are built, then, already houses themselves. The total length of plumbing is five kilometres. The length of the sewage works, which are performed by "Instalbud" is 1300 m.

"Instalbud" participates in various competitions for construction companies, but the most significant argument in favour of the company is victories in the tenders for projects construction. Another important achievement of "Instalbud" is an invitation for cooperation from other companies. A newcomer inspiration, a professional experience are the qualities that best characterize our company.