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"Instalbud" is a newcomer inspiration, a professional experience

A private company "Company Instalbud" is a manufacturing and assembly unit of the company "Instalplast-HV" which is the national leader in the area of the production of plastic pipes for water, gas and sewage. This unit came to the Ukrainian market not by chance. With more than fourteen years of experience in the above mentioned area, "Instalplast-HV" decided to give to its customers a vicious cycle of services, namely from the production and sale of high-quality polyethylene pipes to the perfect engineering works on their installation and commissioning. In addition, the emergence of "Instalbudu" was caused by the growing needs of the market, because even large companies themselves often do not manage with the orders and attract partners for the cooperation.

Since 2007 the company "Instalbud" has engaged in construction and installation of internal and external pipelines, gas pipelines, water pipelines and sewage networks of pressure polyethylene and PVC pipes. It performs horizontal directed drillings of the diameter from 40 to 800mm in length to 800m (called the trenchless technologies). Also, "Instalbud" deals with internal plumbing works of the houses. The company performs welding of pipes of the diameter up to 400mm, and in the near future the purchase of the necessary equipment to carry out welding of pipes with the diameter of 630mm or more is planned. In the work with the sewerage networks there are no restrictions on the pipe diameters.

Today, the company employs 10 staff specialists. This number is optimal for the performance of the work on rather large objects. In the near future the company envisages the cooperation with other small firms and individual professionals who possessing the necessary experience and quality of work do not have the necessary equipment for major operations. "Instalbud" has highly skilled professionals who perform the entire scope of work from the beginning to the end, namely, production of estimate documentation, the implementation of construction works and welding of plastic pipes. Considering the lack of specialists in welding pipes in the western region, "Instalbud" followed the way of foreign colleagues and pays for the education of their young workers at the educational attestation centre of Lviv. Subsequently, they acquire practical experience directly during the work at the company.

The specialists of “Instalbud” adopted the experience in welding pipes from colleagues-experts from Hungary, which were the first who about 10 years ago introduced production and assembly of plastic pipes in Ukraine. Now the company has specialists who can efficiently perform construction and welding works, and also provide professional consultancy to the partners.

Today, "Instalbud" provides its services in Lviv region. However, having the necessary developments and contacts in Ternopil, Donetsk, Luhansk and other cities, the company aims to work throughout Ukraine. "Instalbud" uses its own modern equipment of foreign manufacture: welding machines of Polish companies "KAMITECH" and "NOVOTECH", German powerful excavator "EDER" to perform excavation works. In the near future the company plans to buy two more such excavators, because the volumes of the orders from customers encourage increasing the production capacity and staffs. "Instalbud" adopts and improves the experience of foreign and domestic companies, industry veterans. In a relatively short time on the market the company has acquired its own innovative know-how.